Smart locks haven’t drastically changed how a deadbolt works internally, but they’ve greatly enhanced user interaction. Installed by a sliding door pro, sliding smart locks let you remotely lock/unlock your door without rummaging for keys. They’re perfect for admitting guests when you’re out or verifying morning door security before work.

Choosing the best smart lock depends on door type and user needs. Some prefer locks that adapt to existing setups instead of replacing deadbolts. Others prioritize auto-locking, user codes, or integration with home security. Many find peace in upgrading to a secure, smart home setup.

Securing Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are among the easiest entry points for intruders. Currently, there are limited options for smart locks designed specifically for these doors. Dual-keyless locks for sliding glass doors are also scarce. The most effective way to enhance security is by consulting a sliding door expert for smart lock installation.

Easy Smart Lock Installation Guide for Sliding Doors

You can install most smart locks yourself with basic skills. Make sure the lock cylinder sticks out a bit from the door inside. This allows easy placement of the mounting plate or electronic opener on top. Insert the master key into the door’s keyhole and leave it there for setup. Depending on the design, the key may need to be positioned vertically or horizontally. In the future, the smart lock will automate key turning.

If your master key has a large head, consider shortening it or ask a local locksmith near me for a smaller version. Installing smart locks with built-in cylinders is similar but requires replacing the old cylinder with the new one. A bridge connects the lock to your home WiFi, enabling remote control via the internet. Some models also work with Google Home, Amazon, and other smart home systems.

Smart Lock Buying Guide: What to Consider

Are you thinking about getting your first smart lock or replacing an old one? This guide helps you find the best smart lock to fit your needs.


Smart technology and the Internet of Things are always evolving. Your smart lock should keep up. Many products today lack ongoing support with regular updates and improvements. It’s crucial to ensure your smart lock updates automatically to work smoothly and efficiently. Look for companies that offer a help center, community forum, and a track record of firmware upgrades to stay informed.

Automatic Locking and Unlocking

For the outdoor gate, you should get a smart lock with auto-locking and auto-unlocking features. These locks let you remotely lock or unlock your doors. Auto-lock and auto-unlock smart locks are usually pricier. However, being able to control your door remotely makes these smart locks excellent. If you’re unsure whether you’ve locked the door, this gives you peace of mind. You won’t need to go to the door to check. If you want to allow someone into your house, you can use the app to automatically lock or unlock the door.

Smart Doorbells

Consider compatibility when choosing any smart home device. It should work with your existing automation system. Decide if you want to integrate your current devices now or later, especially important for your smart doorbell. Even if you don’t have one yet, you might want to get it in the future. It would be helpful if your lock and doorbell worked together.


Smart lock prices vary widely, like other smart home gadgets. So, price is an important factor in choosing a smart lock. Costs depend on features, connectivity, installation, and other needed accessories. Typically, a smart lock costs around $200. But prices can rise significantly for connected locks.


The best products simplify tough tasks. Securing your building entrance should be easy with a smart lock. When choosing the right smart lock, focus on what enhances security and convenience. Is it using an app? Or having instant unique PIN entry capabilities?

For residences, innovative locks have an extensive range of features and advantages. The qualities we’ve discussed serve as the standards for selecting a high-quality smart lock for your residence. Therefore, while buying a smart lock, be sure to take into account the qualities we have discussed here. It’s not always easy to make a choice because there are so numerous models and companies available.