A lot of unwanted incidents happen in the vicinity of our own homes today. There are a lot of stories about thieves breaking in and killing people. When people get to know about the growing number of violence they become terrified and get afraid that this can happen to them too. When people are inside their homes there is a feeling of safety. A lot of people want to install a modern and best security system but the cost is always a barrier to getting this system to be installed.

So, here are some simple and DIY home tips for safety-

First of all, a well-lighted area is important. Most of the crimes take place in dimly light and dark places. Use good quality light to lighten up your homes. Secondly, make certain that your all doors are locked properly and always use only the best quality locks for locking them. Never leave extra keys at common places like potted plants, doormats, or any other kind of obvious outdoor location. Always invest in the best quality locks. You might feel that you are spending a lot on this but it is better to be safe than sorry. Even when you are outside your home always keep your garage doors closed to protect your family and valuables safe. Keep all your blinds and drapes shut especially in the room where you keep all your equipment and belongings.

When you are not at home then it is suggested to never leave notes on doors for family members or service people. This will give intruders the idea that no one is home. Store your jewelry and cash in a safety deposit box or safe. When you are not around adjust your phone ringtone to a minimum. Your unanswered phone might make burglars understand that no one is at home. Also, ask a neighbor to collect your mail or newspaper to give the burglar idea that someone is monitoring your home or inside the home. You can install CCTV also.

Today, you can find a lot of cheap security systems in the market and it is very easy for an average owner to set them up. It is important to monitor these cameras also. You can also choose security kits. These kits can be bought along with several components- whether it’s remotes, keypads, or motion sensors. It comes with cheap phones too. Spending on a nice security system is never a waste of money. Remember that it is better to spend some money on security rather than spending a lot on healthcare and hospitalization. Do you need a locksmith in Raleigh?  Just get in touch with mobile locksmith near me.